An image-focused wordpress theme. 960B


Lezzetli is a Wordpress theme based on Twenty Fourteen. It was developed for Izmirdenlezzetler. It is free open source software, licensed under GPLv3.

Lezzetli is not suitable to be used directly: many customizatons for the mentioned website were directly hardcoded into the theme itself. Users beware, you will want to modify the theme before using it.

Building & Installing

Install npm, then run npm install to download all the dependencies.

You may then build the project using the included Makefile. Some options that may be of interest are:

# Make a development build without optimizations
make dev

# Make a release build
make all

# Create a release zip file, including the theme, .css and .php
make release

Note that the zip file created with make release can't be directly installed in Wordpress. Instead, unzip the file manually inside the themes directory.